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Craft CMS


🚧   This chapter is work in progress (WIP) . Happy to hear your feedback / ideas!


CraftCMS is now offically supported by DDEV as project type since DDEV v1.21.1. 🥳 See DDEV quickstart docs:

CraftCMS + DDEV + vite (via nystudio107/craft-vite):

Old documentation:

Based on Intro to CraftCMS: Install

mkdir my-crafty-site
cd my-crafty-site/
ddev config --project-type=php --php-version=8.0 --docroot=web --create-docroot
ddev composer create -y craftcms/craft
# Are you ready to begin the setup? (yes|no) [no]: yes

You need to input the following answers:

TODO: How can the following be automated? Example here? (There is also an own project type coming up in DDEV)

Which database driver are you using?
(mysql or pgsql) → mysql (default)
Database server name or IP address → db
Database port → 3306 (default)
Database username → db
Database password → db
Database name → db
Database table prefix → (leave blank)

Answer yes to the prompt on whether to install Craft now, and answer the remaining prompts as you like. The only one that matters is Site URL, which you should answer with

The above is quoted from Intro to CraftCMS: Install.


ddev launch

TODO: If you want to make the repository publicly available via GitHub, you might to move the license key to .env

Vite support

See example repository, work in progress:

Deployment via Deployer

Connect with the community 🤗

There is a dedicated #craftcms-Channel on DDEV discord!