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On an Intel Macbook Pro Colima was for me way faster than Docker Desktop.

Installing it was super easy since it does not interfere with Docker Desktop.

Make sure to follow the official DDEV docs for config:


Issues after reboot

Restart issues can happen, just ran:

limactl stop -f colima
colima start

Source: Github

Issues with HTTP requests / APIs

I called an API via HTTP/curl/guzzle and got weird timeout errors with default config (from DDEV docs).

Turned out I needed to change the network drive gvproxy to slirp:

colima start --network-driver slirp

You can just change config values of ~/.colima/default/colima.yaml with this command, the new setting will be saved automatically.

On next start you can just use colima start again.

Source: GitHub issue, DDEV discord discussion