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🚧   This chapter is work in progress (WIP) . Happy to hear your feedback / ideas!

This is the quickstart for the latest Laravel version with NodeJS LTS:

ddev config --project-type=laravel --docroot=public --create-docroot --php-version=8.1 --nodejs-version=18
ddev composer create --prefer-dist --no-install --no-scripts laravel/laravel -y
ddev composer install
ddev artisan key:generate
ddev launch

Source: Official DDEV quick start docs, slightly modified

Vite support

See the README of ddev-laravel-vite.

Also check out DDEV + vite for more technical information.

Connect with the community 🤗

Check out DDEV Discord!

Outdated documentation:


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Would be also cool to test Statamic, LiveWire, etc. 🤗